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About Me

Hi there, welcome to Barklife; my name is Kat. I am mum to two wonderful pooches; Kasper, an adorable Tibetan spaniel, and Shadow, a gorgeous Husky cross; so I know all about the pains of mucky pups and having fur everywhere! Therefore, I am here to help your pooches smell, look and feel beautiful. 

I'd like to offer you a little insight as to why I became a dog groomer. I trained as a dog groomer in early 2021, shortly after adopting Shadow. Shadow is pure white and I could already see the cost of keeping her clean mounting up! So I had an idea, I wanted to be able to offer people affordable grooming, at times that suit them, all while knowing their pooch is in the safest of hands. Fast forward a year and Barklife Groomer was born!




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My Services
  • Prices starting from Small breeds - £15 Medium - £25 Large & XL - £3...

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting from £15
  • Price dependant on dog size, temperament and coat condition.

    2 hr 45 min

    Starting from £30
  • All puppies under 1 year old. Price dependant on dog size, coat condit...

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting from £25
  • A bath & blow dry; with an intensive undercoat lift & paws, pads & nai...

    2 hr

    Starting from £30
  • Bath and Blow Dry not included in price below.

    2 hr

    Starting from £45
  • 30 min

    Starting from £12.
  • 30 min

    Starting from £10.
  • Price dependant on duration.

    15 min

    Starting from £5

Book via Facebook, Instagram or contact me on: 07871398110

drop-in services

drop-in Services

Tailored drop-in visits by Barklife, are a completely unique personalised service, enabling you to pop out for the day, knowing your pooch is being fed, exercised and mentally stimulated; as we understand not all dogs require a walk every day, but may appreciate some company, garden time or a play session.

30 minute drop-in


1 hour drop-in


Socialised 1 hr drop-in


Untitled_Artwork (1)_edited.jpg

walking Services

Professional & fully insured dog walkers.

Areas covered: 

  • Burley

  • Meanwood

  • Kirkstall

  • Chapel Allerton

  • Roundhay

  • Gipton

Group walks (1 hour)

Starting at £12

Solo walks (30 mins)

Starting at £10

Solo walks (1 hour)

Starting at £15


About Us:

Would you like to go on holiday without worrying about your dog going to kennels? Well you've come to the right place. Here at Barklife home-boarders, we love to welcome new poochies into our home; with a living room fully equipped for the dogs, a designated groom room downstairs and the freedom for your pooch to sleep in our bedroom. We are also leeds city council license approved; with a maximum number of just two dogs plus our two, at one time. Our overnight services are tailored exactly to your dog's needs; not forgetting that this is their holiday too.

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